These are functional and fashionable face shields to be used IN CONJUNCTION with face masks to provide increased protection* against airborne respiratory droplets associated with the spread of viral infections, most notably, the current COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Check out more photos and customizations below and on Instagram @discoshields!

This shield getup is comprised of 3 interchangeable parts:

  1. Hat with Velcro strip (attached via copious glue)
  2. Face shield with Velcro strip
  3. Interchangeable “Bling” strip

Optional add-on (for those who can’t ever have enough bling): Sequin Patches

Note: these are made by my own 2 hands, and are not “perfect”. There is a lot of glue used to secure the Velcro strip onto the hat, but this is covered by the bling. The idea is to be able to detach the face shield after use to disinfect/clean, without having to wash an entire hat. You can interchange a clean/new shield for each adventure out of your “shelter”.


Base Option: $50

  • 1 Regular Hat
  • 2 Face Shields
  • 1 “Bling” Strip

Optional Add-Ons:

  • Sequin Patch: $5
  • Extra Face Shield: $5 (each), 3 for $10
  • Additional “Bling” Strip: $10 (each)
  • Custom Hat: Pricing Varies (inquire for specifics)
How to Order

Send an email to, with the subject “DiscoShield Order”, and include the following information (see below for your choices):

  • Your Name
  • Base Hat preference, or
  • Custom Hat Style preference
  • Bling preference and number of strips
  • Sequin Patch option (color, shape, positioning)
  • # of Additional Shields, if any
  • Shipping Info:
    • If you live in LA and want to pick up at the office, we can arrange that, OR
    • Provide your preferred shipping address and I will calculate shipping to your location.

Payment will be requested via Venmo or PayPal.

Disco Shield Options

Check out our Instagram and get some inspiration @discoshields!

1. Choose Your Hat Solid 1-Color
Solid 2-Color
Black / White
Navy / White
Pink / White
Neon Pink / White   Raspberry / White
High Ponytail Hats Pink    Purple    White
Limited Editions
2. Choose Your Bling Options from Left to Right: Rhinestone Crown (Clear or Pink), Aqua, Hot Pink, Soft Pink, Black Rhinestone, Silver, Disco, Gold Rhinestone, Gold Squares
3. Choose Your Optional Sequin Patch Options from Left to Right: Pink Star, Silver Star, Gold Star, Red Heart, Gold Heart, Silver Heart
*DISCLAIMER: The use of the Disco Shield has not been tested or approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, the Centers for Disease Control, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or any other regulatory agency, and has not been proven safe or effective with respect to protection against any infectious or communicable disease, including, without limitation, COVID-19. Any user of this product does so solely at his or her own risk. The use of a face shield is not intended to replace other recommended measures to stop the community spread of COVID-19, such as social distancing, avoidance of touching face, washing your hands and wearing a face mask. Follow the latest advice of the CDC on how to best keep yourself safe.