Dr. Stacey Kupperman, N.D

Founded by Dr. Stacey Kupperman, N.D, Healthy By Nature is a medical center located in Los Angeles.  Our mission is to provide our patients with a safe, effective, and more natural approach to healthcare by incorporating multiple valid, scientifically and clinically based medical therapies to promote optimal wellness and restoration of health.  Our comprehensive approach blends the best of all medical disciplines, including conventional scientific medicine along with holistic and natural medical therapies.  Diagnosis and treatment plans are personalized to each patient’s particular needs and goals, empowering them to achieve optimal health and wellness for life.

In today’s stressful and polluted world, more and more people are experiencing chronic diseases on all level of their being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  The current model of mainstream medicine, which relies on a protocol of disease diagnosis and pharmaceutical treatment, very often does not solve the underlying cause(s) of this panacea of illnesses and dis-ease.  Very often, having conventional treatment only serves to modify the symptoms, but really does not address the underlying mechanisms promoting the disease state.

At Healthy By Nature, our goal is to get to the root cause or causes that prevent oneself from experiencing optimal health. Using an analogy of a wound, while some medical approaches provide a band aid to cover the cut and prevent bleeding, our approach seeks to support the body to quickly, effectively heal the cut so that the band aid is no longer necessary.

As the latin root of the word “Doctor” is “Docere” which means “Teacher”, one of our main goals is to educate our patients about what it means to be truly healthy, and to provide them with he tools to achieve optimal wellness.  We believe that health means much more than simply the absence of disease.  Our definition of healthy includes the ability to experience life, filled with joy, to the fullest extent within ourselves every single day.

At Healthy By Nature, we aim to strengthen your foundation of health.  Patients receive a comprehensive and accurate diagnosis though extensive history taking, a thorough physical exam, and appropriate laboratory testing.  We work with people of all ages to help them restore their natural state of health and well being by identifying the cause or causes or dis-ease.  The most effective and least invasive or toxic treatments are used to support the mind and body’s ability to heal itself and restore balance.  We design a complete “program of health” individualized to each and every person, tailored to meet the needs and goals of each individual.  While conventional medicines may be a part of this “program of health”, our focus is on utilizing those therapies that are least invasive yet highly effective and safe.  Most importantly, we provide our patients with the knowledge and tools to achieve and maintain their health, to avoid the reliance on medicines and reach the fullest extent of their health potential.