VitaDrip Lounge

Doctor Supervised, High-Potency Intravenous Vitamin Cocktails

Intravenous (IV) nutrition is a safe method of feeding vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other natural substances directly into a patient’s bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system and enabling most efficient absorption and utilization of these nutrients. Direct administration to the bloodstream provides the benefit achieving significantly higher levels of these nutrients than could ever be obtained via oral supplementation or diet. These higher nutrient concentrations allows for immediate therapeutic response for many people, especially in cases of nutrient deficiencies or insufficiencies. It significantly enhances cellular uptake of these substances, which in effect give cells the cofactors and fuel to repair damage and function most optimally. In effect, it allows us to “bathe” cells in a nutrient dense environment, ideal for healing and recovery. It provides the most “bang” for your “nutrient buck”, super-charging your system with a natural boost.

IV Vitamin therapy has many health benefits including, including:

  • Anti-aging effects
  • Immune support
  • Increased energy
  • Improved mood
  • Allergy relief
  • Headache relief
  • Neurological support
  • Hangover support
  • Detoxification support
  • Cardiovascular support
  • Gastrointestinal support
  • Jetlag reduction
  • Dehydration prevention
  • Combating exhaustion
  • Increased overall well-being & vitality

At Healthy By Nature, we provide our patients with customized and tailored IV programs to support health, restoration and optimal health. Patients can sit in our relaxing IV lounge and read, text, or just close their eyes and take a mini siesta while being infused with vital nutrients. Though individual needs may vary, the following are some of our more common IV protocols, with additional information about their therapeutic benefits.

The Original VitaDrip

Boost immunity, vitality & energy with a nutrient cocktail including essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids that work at the cellular level to promote health & wellness – similar to the popular “Myer’s Cocktail” but with higher levels of nutrients and fluids (broad spectrum nutrient base in hydrating solution: B1, B2, B3, B5 B6, B12 methylcobalamin, folic acid, 8 g vitamin C¬, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, threonine, phenylalanine, tryptophan, valine, alanine, cysteine, histidine, serine, arginine, glycine, proline, zinc, selenium, magnesium, calcium, molybdenum, potassium)

4G VitaDrip (all patients before G6PD test)

Same formula as the Original VitaDrip, just with less vitamin C.

VitaDrip Express

Mini version of the Original VitaDrip – only takes about 20 minutes so you can get on with your day in a healthier, more energized way!

Super Energizing VitaDrip

If your energy reserves are depleted by stress, a busy schedule, illness, travel, or if you just need a boost to go the extra mile, these amino acids, vitamins & nutrients will give you back the pep in your step. (extra B1, B2, B5, B6, B12; L-carnitine; glycyrhizzic acid, amino acid blend)

Pre-Party VitaDrip

Make the most of your night on the town by avoiding the pain of the day after – all the nutrients of the Super Energizing VitaDrip combine with extra fluids, electrolytes & the powerful antioxidant NAC to prevent dehydration & protect against toxins, minimizing both your hangover & recovery time. (extra B1, B2, B5, B6, B12; L-carnitine; glycyrhizzic acid; amino acid blend; NAC)

Extra Detox & Party Recovery VitaDrip

After the damage has already been done, this formula will restore energy, boost immunity & flush toxins from your system.  Great to support detoxification from long-term chemical, environmental or stress-induced toxicity – but also perfect for treating the immediate effects of hangovers. (extra fluids & electrolytes; extra B1, B2, B5, B6, B12; NAC)

Super Immunity VitaDrip

Whenever you’re suffering from a cold, flu, or other infection, or if you know that you need an extra immunity boost to protect yourself while traveling or during a particularly stressful period, this VitaDrip will help your body fight back with natural immune-enhancing and antimicrobial compounds, powerful antioxidants, and amino acids. (germanium, glycyrhizzic acid, zinc, vit C, L-lysine, Engystal, amino acid blend)

Chillax VitaDrip

Bring it down a notch!  This is the ideal option when you’re experiencing the physical and mental effects of prolonged stress, anxiety and tension – soothe your system with a high dose of calming magnesium and nourishing nutrients that will help you relax, get better sleep and come back to your center. Also a great option before or after massage, Reiki or other bodywork sessions. (magnesium; glycine; taurine; additional vitamin B5)

Fit VitaDrip

Maximize your athletic goals, improve performance and reduce recovery time with the Fit Vitadrip, supercharged with high octane amino acids, energizing B vitamins, electrolytes and minerals, natural anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories. This fitness optimizing drip improves muscle and tissue repair, reduces pain following intense workout, reduces recovery time, and enhances overall athletic performance. As a pre-workout treatment, the Recovery Vitadrip can improve focus, energy, endurance, and reduce chance of muscle cramping and fatigue. Post workout, it helps to recharge, repair and recuperate. (Original Vitadrip plus additional amino acids, taurine, L-Carnitine, MSM, L-Carnitine, and electrolytes)

Modifications and Additional Suggestions:
o For muscle soreness, pain or spasm – Homeopathic Spascupreel
o For joint pain and stiffness- Homeopathic Zeel
o For bruising or soft tissue injuries – Homeopathic Traumeel

Brainy VitaDrip

When you want to be sharp, focused and on top of your mental game, this intelligent formula will improve cognitive function and memory, and even support protective mechanisms against dementia and Alzheimer’s by clearing heavy metals and restoring neurological balance. (NAC, GPC, additional B vitamins)

Slim & Trim VitaDrip

Power up to slim down with this blend of amino acids, minerals and vitamins to enhance metabolism, increase fat mobilization, decrease appetite, promote lean muscle building, and improve blood sugar control. (MIC, L-carnitine, chromium, extra b6 and b12)

Glutathione VitaDrip

Activate your immune system, support & protect your liver, boost brain function & restore your body’s reserves of “The Mother Antioxidant”, an essential detox & protective agent that binds to toxins like heavy metals, solvents, or pesticides & allows them to be excreted from the body.

MegaC VitaDrip

Doctor’s prescription required.  Vitamin C at dosages between 15-100 grams may be beneficial for many chronic illnesses, viral and bacterial infections, and adjunctive cancer support.  Dosage varies depending on condition and individual patient requirements.

Super Antioxidant VitaDrip (alpha lipoic acid)

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is a potent free radical scavenger, preventing and reversing oxidative damage due to chemicals, toxins, and inflammation, supporting metabolism, detoxification, and normal cellular function

Liver Support VitaDrip (milk thistle)

Love your liver with this powerful plant compound known for its ability to initiate regeneration of damaged liver cells and support liver function. May benefit patients with elevated liver enzymes, Hepatitis, cirrhosis, fatty liver disease, alcohol induced liver disease, NASH, and liver cancer.

Customized VitaDrip

Based on lab testing, symptoms, and clinical goal, VitaDrips may be tailored to specific patient needs. For patients under Dr. Kupperman’s care, she may formulate a VitaDrip to include additional nutrients including:

Hydration Zofran Engystol Zeel
Traumeel Lymphostat Cerecomp Traumeel
Spascupreel L-glycine Magnesium Pyrodoxine
Lysine Biotin B12 Folinic Acid
GPC CoQ10 L-carnitine MIC
Germanium NAC Glycyrrhizic Acid MSM

*All VitaDrip treatments require VitaDrip Consultation or physician referral. New patients may only receive certain VitaDrips until appropriate labs are ordered by Dr. K or provided by patient (CBC, CMP and G6PD)