HcG Medical Weight Loss Program

This medically supervised weight loss program is a natural and effective way to attain dramatic and lasting weight loss

HcG is a natural hormone that stimulates the hypothalamus of the brain. The hypothalamus regulates the rate at which we burn our own fat reserves. Chronic stress, hormone imbalances, and improper diet are all known to inhibit the function of the hypothalamus. HcG is one of the few things known to turn this mechanism on. Many patients who come to Healthy By Nature for weight loss are fairly healthy people, who despite eating well and exercising, still struggle with excess weight.

With the HcG Program, most patients lose about a pound a day, and feel great while doing it. The program involves a set diet while administering HcG every day. You also receive a free weekly “Fat Dissolve” shot to further boost metabolism. We check in with you once a week to assess your progress, answer questions and modify as appropriate.

We provide a 3 week and 6 week program which is determined by how much weight you need to lose. If there is a lot of weight loss needed, repeated “rounds” can be done after a few weeks.