Naturopathic Medical Care – Consultations

Naturopathic medical care integrates the very best aspects of all medicines, including evidence-based therapies from conventional, holistic, and alternative fields of medicine. This form of healthcare takes into consideration the whole person, not just the individual symptoms or diagnoses. The foundation of our naturopathic approach is to uncover the underlying causes and imbalances contributing to an individual’s symptoms or disease state. Understanding the driving forces behind a given disease state empowers us to implement therapies that can reverse or modify disease progression. The therapy may be a medication, a diet, a supplement, or a number of other treatments, but the main goal is to modify the root cause of the imbalance, not just modify the symptoms that may be on the surface.

A naturopathic medical consultation involves a thorough medical “interview” where the doctor dives into all aspects of past and present health concerns, physical exam as pertinent, and recommendations for appropriate laboratory and/or imaging. Treatment plans are individualized to meet each patient’s unique health needs, goals, and desired level of intervention, and incorporates the most effective and least invasive treatment options from conventional and alternative fields of medicine.

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