What to Expect at Your First Visit:

Initial Consultations

Your Initial Consultation is broken down into 2 parts. 

For the majority of patients, these parts are divided into 2 separate visits.  Depending on the circumstances, Dr. Kupperman may be able to schedule an extended Initial Consultation to cover both the Part I and Part II at one visit.  However, such circumstances require prior approval by Dr. Kupperman and submission of all paperwork and documentation prior to the appointment.  Most individuals have complex health concerns which requires the consultation to be split up into 2 visits.    

Initial Consultation, Part I:  Primary Medical Interview

Your first visit at Healthy By Nature is 90 minutes, and will entail a comprehensive medical interview including past medical history, review of current symptoms and complaints, and a comprehensive physical exam pertinent to your health concerns.  Many patients are surprised at the extensive nature of this initial intake, being provided with the opportunity to discuss all of their health concerns about which they had never discussed with their former doctors.  This is the opportunity for you to discuss all your health concerns, symptoms, goal, objectives and anything you would like to discuss with the doctor. We request that patients bring in copies of, or send in ahead of time, any laboratory and diagnostic testing performed within the last 2 years for review.

Initial Consultation, Part II: Evaluation and Treatment

The second part of the Initial Consultation is approximately 45 minutes long, scheduled 2-7 days after the first visit, providing Dr. Kupperman with the opportunity to review all information provided at the initial visit, review any lab work provided and obtain any applicable medical records from previous providers. Upon extensive review of this information, Dr. Kupperman will prepare a treatment plan with her assessment and evaluation to discuss with the patient.  This evaluation is an individualized program tailored to each patient’s needs and goals, and may include further laboratory testing as well as specific treatment options.

Follow Up Visits

Follow-up visits are generally scheduled within the next 3-4 weeks, and in the future as necessary to achieve health goals.  The purpose of this visit is to ensure that your health is improving as expected, and that the treatment program is do-able and agreeable.  The treatment recommendations may be adjusted at this time, as applicable to your progress.  Additional follow-up visits will be scheduled depending on each patient’s needs to achieve desired results.

Rates & Payment Options

Office Visits:

  • Initial Consultation  (90 minute part 1 and 45 minute part 2): $595
  • Complex Initial Consultation  (extended part 1/part 2): $695 +
  • Follow Up Appointments: rates vary depending on time requirements and complexity
    • Brief Follow Up Appointment – (15-30 min): $175
    • Brief Follow Up Appointment – (30-45 min): $200
    • Standard Follow Up Appointment – (45-60 min): $225
    • Extended/Complex Follow Up Appointment – (60+ min): $250+
      • based on time and complexity, and time lapsed since prior appointment

 Vita-Drip Lounge:

  • Brief Initial Visit: Establishment of care (15-20 min): $50
  • Vita-Drip Treatments: prices vary

 HcG Weight Loss Program

  • 21 day HcG program: $700
  • 30 day HcG Program: $800
  • 40 day HcG Program: $900
  • program enrollment requires initial consultation for new patients

New Patient Forms

In preparation for your first visit:

Please thoroughly complete the health questionnaire and office forms

  • Download   HBN Welcome Packet (pdf)
  • Download  VitaDrip and VitaShot Only Paperwork
  • Download   Medical Release Forms (pdf) 
  • Download  Arbitration Agreement (pdf)
  • Please record a diet food log for at least 3 days, sample form provided Download HBN Diet Diary 3 Day (pdf)